BAL BASERA SEVA SANSTHAN running a Child Care Support program for the HIV positive children who are staying with either their own families or other families habited in Jodhpur and other surrounded states. A large number of them have lost either of their parents or both. The children, who stay with other families due to demise of their parents, are often subjected to atrocities, alienation and deprived of their fundamental requirement of love, care, entertainment and education.

These children are either not sent to schools and if sent, they are made to sit in isolation from other children. This Causes in a traumatic impact on their minds and mental retardation. Not only that these unfortunate children are deprived of their right of their parental properties. They have to live an isolated and miserable life which any civilized society cannot afford to neglect.

It need not be said that the people’s mind set about HIV affected unfortunates is highly distorted. A disbelieve gets implanted in their minds that HIV positive people have a very short life and it carries no meaning in wasting time and money in saving the life these people. This very belief of society leads to a deprivation of medical and education support and push them to extremely miserable life and premature death.

The society has come across so many cases in which the HIV infected children were give a medication, for a few months and medication is stopped after a few months. This leads to irregular and erratic medication leading to development of resistance against ART(HIV Medicine).

Bal Basera Seva Sansthan providing support to these children by way of regular medication of ART, medical support, educational arrangements, nutritional supports, arrangements of entertainment and their regular follow-up. We do all the possible to bring about betterment of their lives and making their lives comfortable and meaningful.

Organisation Initiative

The sansthan presently operates child care home popularly known as Bal Basera Child Care Home (Boys Home) and Bachpan children care home (Girls Home) which accommodates to about 80 HIV positive Children (40 boys and 40 girls), provides them boarding, lodgings, educational, health care, and counselling facilities.

Besides, we also organizes sensitize the society, carry out advocacy for these children, and link these children to govt. programs and social welfare initiatives with a view to linking them with mainstream society.

Aim Of The Child Care Home

Providing care, protection & rehabilitation of the orphaned, vulnerable & HIV/AIDS infected or affected Children for their overall growth and development. This will include providing better education, health, nutrition, and counselling and love needed to develop their fullest potential with dignity and hope.

Services And Activities Of Child Care Home
  • ⇨ Birthday Celebration
  • ⇨ Art & Craft Classes
  • ⇨ Education Tour
  • ⇨ Watch Movies
  • ⇨ Yoga Classes
  • ⇨ Drawing Competition
  • ⇨ Sports Activities (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • ⇨ Counseling
  • ⇨ Schooling
  • ⇨ Having Food
  • ⇨ Medical Facility
  • ⇨ Tuition Classes
  • ⇨ Water Filter And Ro Machine
  • ⇨ Computer Education
Overall Achievements

In the Bal Basera Children Care and Bachpan Children Homes, all the children are living their childhood in healthy and respectful manner. These children have been encouraged and have shown a new hope and positive attitude with proper nutrition, medical attention, counseling, sports activities and entertainment facilities. Better moral and practical knowledge has been provided to these children and they are aiming for an independent and respectable future life. All children consider Bal Basera Children Care and Bachpan Children Centers as their own home.

You Are Welcome At Care Homes

Visit Timing and Address

Monday to Sunday- 10.00 AM to 6:00 PM

Address - BAL BASERA, Plot No. 9 NRI Scheme, Jhalamand Vill. Road, Jhalamand, Jodhpur-342013