This is true, whenever you come to meet us; we are blessed with a long life

We are grateful and thankful for you by core and bottom of our hearts

It is true that whoever is sent on this earth by the Almighty, never sleeps starved. If 99 doors are closed to an individual, one single door He keeps open conveying that a silver lining is always present beneath the dark clouds. A Ray of Hope is always granted by Him.

A few years ago, we children were unknown to each other, but as Dinesh Sir told about you, we were pretty much sure and came to know that you are no less than a God in the form of a Philanthropy to us. We want to admit the fact that with your cooperation and benediction our lives have improved manifolds. Today we the children of Bal Basera are living our lives with full of love and quality in our beautiful premises. It’s our great fortunes that founder of Bal Basera Sh. Dinesh Joshi along with Bhawana Jiji, who are no lesser than the parents to us, have always been carried out their sincere efforts to get donations for us by meeting with various donors from different walks of life, just to ensure a better, improved and a robust all round developed life for us. As it is said that life is full of ebbs and tides, often when our requirements are not fulfilled, we have seen Sh. Dinesh Joshi and Bhawana Jiji getting anxious for us in hard times, though we don’t like to see them in such situation. Your association and cooperation with us is in fact a matter of pride and no less than a boon of life to us.  

By your priceless support, all our basic requirements viz. Food, Medicines, Education, Sports & Games, Picnic etc. are fulfilled timely in Bal Basera.

We heartily want to say that we children have got back our smiling childhood once again.

We children wish that may your cooperation, compassion, sympathy, love and affection always be with us and we pray to the Almighty for your long and healthy life.

Thank you So Much!