About Us

President Message

It is my privilege to have the opportunity to work with BAL BASERA SEVA SANSTHAN (BBSS). This organization has been founded to work on children’s and women’s health and education. Our goal is to bring positive change and light in their life, and are running a social movement to give a better life to the most vulnerable community. Bal Basera wishes to commence a Child Care Support program for the HIV positive children who are staying with either their own families or other families in habited in Jodhpur and other surrounded states. A large number of them have lost either of their parents or both. The children, who stay with other families due to demise of their parents, are offence subjected to atrocities, alienations and deprived of their fundamental requirement of love, care, entertainment and education. These children or either not send to schools and if send, they are made to sit in isolation from other children. Because in a traumatic impact on their minds and mental retardation. Not only that these unfortunate children are deprive of their right of their parental properties.

Nowadays, HIV positive children are losing their childhood, and their own families and communities discriminate them. The organization strives to bring happiness to HIV positive girls and Boys. Medicine is available for the control of HIV virus in children free of cost. If despite this, any children are caused to die by AIDS, we feel responsible for them. I feel proud of BBSS and am thankful to my co-workers who are giving their time to BBSS. BBSS is working to bring awareness and change regarding the HIV disease. We have support from local donors, charitable trusts and social clubs, which shows our reliability and self-sufficiency. I would like to assure the community that our staff carries out their duties with accountability, honesty and for society’s well-being. I would like to thank the people and organizations who have given their support to BBSS, whether directly or indirectly.